Booking information

Booking Information

If you would like to book your cat in you can email or phone to make sure there is a suite available. If so you can download the booking form or I can send you one in the post. Once your completed booking form is received along with a 20 euro non-refundable deposit you will be sent confirmation of your booking.

To create a home from home experience and to give your cat the best possible care you will be asked to provide information about your cat’s likes and dislikes, eating habits medication etc.

Apart from family groups all cats enjoy individual accommodation.

Cats must be either microchipped or tattooed.

Vaccinations & Health

Please note that a current vaccination certificate must be produced for all cats upon arrival. No cat will be accepted without an up to date certificate for typhus, coryza and leucose. Initial course of vaccinations or booster vaccination must be completed at least 10 days before arrival.

  • Vaccination certificate must be retained for the duration of your cats stay.
  • All cats over 7 months old must be neutered.
  • All cats must have been treated with a recognised brand of flea treatment such as Frontline or Advantage.
  • Your cat must be regularly treated for worms.


  • High quality food dry and/or wet will be provided.
  • If your cat has special dietary needs or maybe a prescription diet you will need to provide a sufficient supply for their stay.

We encourage owners to provide their cats own preferred food to avoid any stomach upsets which may arise with a change of diet. Please ensure you bring enough to last their stay.


Medicines must be clearly labelled with your cats name, the correct dosage, frequency etc along with the prescription for the medication. Please ensure you bring enough to last their stay.

Collection and delivery service

There is a possibility of collection or delivery of your cat if you live within a 20 kilometer radius of the cattery. There will be a minimum 15 euro charge one way. If you require this service it must be confirmed during booking.

As the cattery does not employ any staff this service may not be available during busy periods.